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Reveal your hair’s natural beauty with products that are good for both you and the planet. Delectable scents combined with natural milk proteins and fruit extracts create the perfect healthy hair experience to enjoy and share.

our story

Twenty-seven years ago, Paula and Barbara took a leap of faith and opened Tangles Salon. It has been a Corpus Christi favorite ever since. You’ll always find experienced stylists and a refreshingly relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Men and women of all ages and walks of life call Tangles home for their professional care services.

Meet Our Stylists

(L to R) Dorice, Maria, Barbara, Paula & Lulu

Paula, Barbara, Maria, Lulu and our Dorice, are all available to meet your salon needs. Make an appointment today and see what Tangles Salon can do for you!

(361) 857-2887
(361) 857-2887 or (361) 425-8376
(361) 857-2887 or (361) 537-6126
(361) 857-2887
(361) 857-2887 or (361) 460-8017

(361) 857-2887

Business Hours:
Our business hours vary by stylist. Please see your stylist’s page for individual information.
Dorice is now offering appointments
on Mondays, 10am – 4pm.

Tangles Salon • 5925 McArdle Rd • Gulfway Shopping Center • Corpus Christi, Texas