Dorice at Tangles

Meet Dorice! She has 32 years experience as a multi-faceted stylist. She graduated with honors from Kirkland School of Beauty, in Washington State in 1989 and worked for John Patrick’s Salon in Bellevue, Wa. Her yearly continued education included an advanced workshop under Trevor Sorbie in London England. 

Dorice was dedicated to her committed following of Washington clients from 1994-2002. Then, she made the bold move to embark upon a road trip across the U.S. skydiving and traveling with her cat Luci by her side. During her travels, Dorice met many people in and out of the styling industry who became family. She continued doing hair wherever she went. (An interesting aside: many skydive centers actually have salons, or sometimes just set up shop out in the grass.)  

Dorice is now settled in Texas with her husband Scott and their 4 kitties. She loves to sail and generally loves being outdoors. 

Dorice has chosen to focus on senior hair care and loves it; however, she continues to offer her services to clients of all ages. Her motto is, “When you look great, you feel great!” Dorice is excited to share her talents with her Texas clients and keep them looking and feeling great for many years to come. 

Appointments with Dorice:
(361) 460-8017 or
(361) 857-2887

Dorice’s Business Hours:
Call Dorice to schedule an appointment.
In addition to other days, Dorice offers
appointments on Mondays, 10am – 4pm.

Tangles Salon • 5925 McArdle Rd • Gulfway Shopping Center • Corpus Christi, Texas

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